Jian Chen

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Changsha TIANHUA

Jian Chenpreviously worked at Dalian Institute of Architectural Design & ResearchCo., Ltd. and was chief engineer of the No.6 Design and Research Institute. Hejoined Wuhan TIANHUA in May 2019. He has a wealth of experience in large-scalepublic construction and residential design, and is responsible for varioustypes of projects, including: Commercial complexes, super high-rise andhigh-rise residential buildings, hotels, office buildings, schools, and high-endvillas and Western-style houses. He has a clear understanding of sculpturalconcept, extensive design experience, solid basic professional knowledge, andabundant team management experience. His communication coordination andcomprehensive management abilities are strong, along with his design controland optimization abilities. He can lead teams to provide high-quality designsfor clients.



大连理工大学 结构工程硕士







大连新加坡腾飞软件园6#综合楼  荣获辽宁省2011年度优秀勘察设计一等奖

大连医科大学新校区影像艺术学院 荣获辽宁省2009年度优秀勘察设计三等奖


1 杭州富阳万达广场(BIM正向设计)

2 株洲万达广场

3 唐山新城吾悦广场  

4 武汉远洋东方镜世界观(190米)   

5 武汉电建洺悦江湾(190米)  

6 大连华润·星海湾壹号

7 大连龙湖水晶郦湾

8 长沙东原启城

9 浔龙河长沙院子

10 大连枫叶国际学校 重庆枫叶国际学校