Yuanjun Chen

Vice Chief Architect of Nanjing TIANHUA

Prior to joiningTIANHUA in 2019, Yuanjun Chen worked at Nanjing Yangtze River UrbanArchitectural Design Co., Ltd. and has accumulated more than two decades ofarchitectural design and project management experience. He adheres to thebelief that “technology should respect creativity to the greatest extent andstrive to achieve it” and follows a steady, detailed working style. Alwayswilling to accept challenges and find solutions to difficult problems, hefocuses on the design of large public buildings and mid-to-high-end residentialcommunities and has extensive experience in the design of super high-riseresidential areas, offices, commercial complexes, and super high-rise offices.As a project leader, he has undertaken the design and management of numerousimportant projects. He has always pursued construction completion and qualitycontrol. Many of his projects have won national and provincial awards forexceptional engineering as well as acclaim in the industry.