Yue Gu

Vice Chief Architect of Nanjing TIANHUA
Director of Nanjing TIANHUA Architectural Division II

Yue Gu joinedTIANHUA in 2017. He previously worked in the studios of international masterssuch as Patrick Berger, Renzo PIANO and Jean NOUVEL. He participated in thecompletion of numerous influential works such as the Paris Central Market.

His extensiveexperience and professional practice in Europe have formed his habit ofthinking from multiple dimensions, such as images, cities, and productionrelationships. After returning to China, his designs have never been limited toone style but instead have been flexible and diverse.

Since he hasbeen in charge of the public construction plan sector of Nanjing TIANHUA, hehas been committed to enhancing the team's enthusiasm and creativity in design.He has taken the Nanjing team to a new design level and has received widespreadpraise for his designs and management skills.