Yu Hu

Vice Director of TIANHUA Interior TA Studio team II

Hu Yuspecializes in living space design. In the past 13 years, she has presided overseveral high-end private villas, model houses, clubs and mass refineddecoration projects in Yangtze River Delta cities.

She draws herdesign inspiration from detailed accumulation. Yu Hu said, "My job is notonly about design, but more of a perception of life." She holds apassionate and lofty respect for life and adheres to the principle that “designcomes from life but is superior to life,” and strives to capture the poetry oflife and integrate it into her design works. Travel is an important way for herto be passionate about life. When she encounters unforgettable scenery duringher journey, she will try to capture it in her photos and paintings to keep itsbeauty and splendor. Taking pictures and drawing paintings became her secondway of self-fulfillment and self-recording, which also made her designs moreimpressive.

Life andtravel have offered inspiration for her design, and she genuinely hopes toreturn the inspiration to the design. After 13 years of working in theindustry, her interior design works are the best testimony of her career.