Zengzhi Liu

Vice Chief Architect of Tianjin TIANHUA
Director of Tianjin TIANHUA Architectural Division

Mr. Zengzhi Liu is good at the design and whole-process management of large-scale residential projects and complicated complexes and is dedicated to improving the overall quality of projects by integrating the interactive contradictions in the work system and the design construction process to deliver the best of the project in the most reasonable manner. He and the design team insist on technical innovation, think in others' shoes to accumulate, and summarize the concern and feeling of builders and users. He believes in the attitude of "knowledge can be obtained everywhere if you take care" and continues to explore new directions for combining architecture and technologies. He has gained rich design experience and put it into practice. The projects he led and participated in have received multiple design awards from the country and Tianjin municipality.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Engineering, Taiyuan University of TechnologyIndustrial QualificationsClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRCSenior Architect