Yingkui Su

Vice Chief Architect of Chongqing TIANHUA
Architectural Director of Chongqing TIANHUA Quality Technology Center

Yingkui Su joinedTIANHUA in 2019. She has successively worked for many design companies and realestate groups, including Shanghai East China Electric Power Design Institute,Chongqing Branch of ECADI, CMCU and Tusincere Chongqing. With 25 years workingin the industry, she has been committed to implementing construction plans, andhas long been in charge of construction drawing design and project siteservices; She has a comprehensive and in-depth study on the fire protectiondesign of large commercial complexes; She is adept at coordinating differentprofessions in complex public building design; Regarding the implementation ofstructural height difference slopes in hillside building design, she oftenprovides unique insight. She has worked with multiple major domestic andinternational architect firms, such as Aedas, WOODSBAGOT, and ROBERT A.M.STERN.