Keqing Tang

Chief Architect of TIANHUA Urban Planning
Director of TIANHUA Urban Planning Architectural Division I

Mr. Keqing Tang is both an architect and an urban designer. By deeply integrating architectural design and urban design, he leads the team building scientific work method from concept, complex to units, complete knowledge structure and delivering one-stop services. He is dedicated to incorporating the urban horizon and height to architectural design and imbuing the taste and depth of architecture into urban design to provide integrated solutions from the square meter level to square kilometer level while paying attention to creativity and implementation. His team pursues excellent design and have developed its distinctive creation style by making relentless efforts to projects of varying types and dimensions, such as urban master design, community design, landscape planning, TOD, industrial park design, campus design, and various architectural units design.Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Architecture, Tongji UniversityUndergraduate Minor in Journalism, Fudan UniversityMaster of Science in Urban Design, TU BerlinVisiting Scholar, Vienna University of TechnologyDoctor of Engineering, Tongji UniversityClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRCSenior EngineerMember, Architectural Society of China