Jing Tian

Chief Electromechanical Engineer of Shenzhen TIANHUA

Jing Tian hasserved as chief engineer and project leader for a number of large andmedium-sized buildings, including the following building types: Ultra-high andover-limit buildings, large-scale public buildings (offices, commercial,hotels, exhibition centers, conference centers, etc.), large-scale electronicfactories, large-scale residential communities, etc. She has a firm grasp ofsystem composition, technical key points and difficult points of the electricaldesign for various buildings. Still she continues to learn about theapplication and development of new technologies and new equipment, such asgreen building design and energy-saving equipment. With her comprehensive andsystematic professional design capability and interdisciplinary projectmanagement experience, she has been able to provide highly professional designservices for clients.

Many of herprojects have received provincial and ministerial level design awards; Some ofthese projects are locally and even nationally influential, which also deliversocial and economic benefits.