Ruixue Zhang

Vice Chief Architect of Hefei TIANHUA
Director of Hefei TIANHUA Architectural Division I
Vice Director of Wuhan TIANHUA Shanghai Creative Center

JoinedTIANHUA in 2010 and has extensive experience and keen insight in residentialreal estate development and commercial office design. He has a professionalacademic background in architectural theory and abundant practical designexperience in residential building and commercial development projects. Hisdesign projects include urban design, office buildings, urban complexes, andresidential buildings. He is committed to the perfect integration of innovativedesign concepts and real estate development status within the project.  


同济大学 建筑学学士

同济大学 建筑学硕士



1 瑞安集团虹口瑞虹新城天悦郡庭 · 上海

2 华发集团绍兴国际金融活力城 · 绍兴

3 苏州高铁新城·苏州

4 合景泰富集团云南昭通云湖天境·昭通

5 合景重庆誉峰 · 重庆

6 龙盛集团苏河湾项目 · 上海

7 合景泰富集团北京天汇广场·北京

8 当代Moma集团北京通州万国家园·北京

9 宝龙集团海口环球影城·海口

10 合景泰富集团天津誉峰·天津