Ke Zheng

Vice Chief Planner of TIANHUA Group
Chief Planner of TIANHUA Urban Planning

Mr. Ke Zheng was honoured as one of Shanghai's first group of "Top 10 Young Planners" and is a member of the Urban Planning Society of Shanghai. Specializing in urban planning, Mr. Zheng has participated in and completed multiple major urban planning projects in Shanghai, including the development of both banks of the Huangpu River, and the preliminary planning and subsequent utilization of the Shanghai World Expo site. He is also well-versed in both statutory and non-statutory planning (including conceptual planning, urban planning, and regulatory planning), and places great attention on improving the quality of urban space. He stands at the forefront of the field, noted for his innovative thinking, global vision, and familiarity with local planning. Mr. Zheng is dedicated to creating pragmatic solutions to urban space challenges on behalf of government organizations, enterprises and the public.Educational BackgroundBachelor's and Master's Degree in Urban Planning, Tongji UniversityIndustrial QualificationsRegistered Urban Planner of the PRC.Senior EngineerScientific AchievementsCo-editor, Guidelines for Implementing Urban Design in ShanghaiWriter, Pudong Chapter, Tracking and RenewalChief Editor, Urban Space Chapter, Reshaping Pujiang and Dazzling PujiangAwards and HonorsSecond Prize for Decision Making and Consulting, 2011 Shanghai World Expo (2010) Park Zone Planning Evaluation (delegated)Second Prize, 2010 Urban Planning Competition, Nanhongqiao Neighborhood, Minhang DistrictFirst Prize from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 2009 Bund Renovation Project Urban Planning (delegated)First Prize from Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, 2008 Shanghai World Expo (2010) General Planning and Regulatory Planning (implementation)First Prize, Urban Design Bidding, 2007 Nanjing East Road and The People's SquareParticipant, 2007 Revival of Hengshan RoadLandmark ProjectsWorld Expo Backshore Region Conceptual Planning, World Expo Area A /World Expo Green Valley Urban Planning, Solicitation of International Solutions for Nanhongqiao Neighborhood, 2010 Shanghai World Expo Park Planning Evaluation, Conceptual Urban Design along Jingwang Road (Kunshan), World Expo Region Subsequent Utilization General Planning and Urban Design, Large-scale Residential Neighborhood Conceptual Design for Jiading District Universal City Station, Regulatory Planning for Units E8 and E10 along the Bank of Huangpu River, Underground Space Planning for Key Areas and Nodes of Minhang District, Bund Waterfront Urban Planning/Construction Regulatory Planning, Post-implementation Evaluation on Lingang New City Downtown Planning, Shanghai Normal University Detailed Planning (Xuhui Campus), Detailed Regulatory Planning for Units W11, W13, W15 along the bank of Huangu River, Urban Planning for Longyang Road Transportation Hub Core Area and Solicitation Documents of International Planning Solutions, Conceptual Planning and Urban Planning for the Development of Metro Line 5 Station Neighborhood, Fengxian District, Planning, Design and Study for Pudong Elevated Platform (2010 Shanghai World Expo Park), Urban Planning for Nanjing West Road Neighborhood, Regulatory Planning for 2010 Shanghai World Expo, General Urban Planning for Mudu Xukou Town (Suzhou)