Meng Zhu

Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Creative Division I

Meng Zhupreviously worked at SOM and dDP in New York. He has participated in numerousworld-class design and construction projects. After joining Shanghai TIANHUA in2017, he presided over the design of multiple large-scale commercial, publictransportation architecture, and urban design projects, and was involved ininteractive public scene design.

Relying onhis architectural education, he also has made achievements in a variety offields such as art photography, fashion design, furniture design and brandstrategy positioning. With his diverse and strong abilities and foresight, hehas won the trust of clients and received widespread praise from users. 



天津大学 建筑学学士

哈佛大学 建筑学硕士



1 金桥14号地块概念设计

2 华润上海龙阳路交通枢纽设计

3 成都南站重点片区规划设计

4 上海闵行迈威斯办公楼项目

5 成都大熊猫基地山丘片区设计

6 陆家嘴集团前滩54号地块设计

7 漕河泾集团北杨人工智能小镇北区概念方案

8 旭辉集团横沥岛地块设计

9 临港新城青少年活动中心设计

10 旭辉集团武汉墨水湖K8地块商墅