Tao Bai

General Manager Assistant of Chongqing TIANHUA
Marketing Director of Chongqing TIANHUA

Tao Bai joined TIANHUA in 2019 and previouslyworked at China Light Industry Design Institute (highest position: architect),CISDI Group (highest position: architect), CTDI (CMCU) (highest position:design director), Chengdu JZFZ Architecture Design Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch(highest position: deputy chief architect of Chongqing, executive director andoperation director of the Comprehensive Second Department), Chongqing TIANHUA(highest position: operation director, in charge of the construction drawingteam); Successively served: Major domestic development companies such asLongfor, Wanda, Sunac, Evergrande, China Resources, Jinke, Forte, Sincere,Luneng, Zeke, Hongkong Land, Zhonggeng City, Radiance, BRC, ChinaCommunications, NEWOPEN and COFCO. He served as project manager, projectleader, and other key roles in various development enterprise projects. Withnearly 15 years of professional accumulation in construction drawing design, healso has exceptional production and operation management capabilities andtechnical development skills in construction drawing design. He hasparticipated in and managed the design of many influential projects. Sinceworking in the industry, he has adhered to the design concept of the perfectcombination of creativity and technology. He is constantly innovating andbreaking through the fixed mindset of building construction drawings to achievethe best value, cost saving concept, and market premium space. He has workeddiligently in the architectural design sector for the past 15 years and histeam has repeatedly made remarkable achievements. Participated in and managednumerous landmark projects, such as: Chongqing China Resources Plaza, ChongqingSincere Center, Longfor Xinyi Street, Chongqing BRC Central Square and LongforShunshan Mansion Project.