Sheng Chen

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Chongqing TIANHUA
Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Kunming TIANHUA
Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Guiyang TIANHUA
Structural Director of Chongqing TIANHUA Quality Technology Center

Sheng Chen has solid theoretical knowledge andnearly two decades of experience in the design and development of large-scalepublic buildings and commercial projects, including: High-end residentialprojects such as office buildings, high-rise and super high-rise hotels, urbancomplexes, high-rise and super high-rise residences, Western-style houses andvillas.

In addition to the aforementioned categories, he isalso experienced in mountainous building design. For such projects, he conductsin-depth analysis of relevant terrain and geological characteristics and takesit into consideration in his designs. He uses his expertise in architecture andstructure to maximize architectural safety and economical site utilization. Hehas successfully solved numerous problems in site development and utilizationcaused by complicated terrains.

Being a meticulous worker, he leads his team toconsider the interconnection of all aspects of the projects. This caneffectively reduce engineering changes caused by design errors. He has receivedwidespread praise from clients.