Sheng Chen

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Chongqing TIANHUA
Structural Director of Chongqing TIANHUA Quality Technology Center

Mr. Sheng Chen has solid theoretical knowledge and approximately 2o years of experience in the design and development of large-scale public buildings and commercial projects, including office towers, high-rise and super high-rise hospitality facilities, city complexes, high-rise and super high-rise residential buildings, western-style housing, and villas.In addition to the above-mentioned categories, he is experienced in mountainous building design. For such building projects he will conduct in-depth analysis of relevant terrain and geological characteristics and give them full play in his designs, while leveraging his expertise in architecture and structure to maximize architectural safety and economical site utilization. He has successfully solved problems hampering site development and utilization caused by complicated terrain in multiple projects.Noted for his meticulous working attitude and high attention to detail, Mr. Chen and his team work closely with clients while giving full consideration to all project processes. The resulting ability to effectively reduce changes induced by design-drawbacks has often been complimented by clients.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering, Chongqing UniversityIndustrial QualificationsClass 1 Registered Structural Engineer of the PRCSocial PositionsMember, Architectural Society of China (ASC)Member, Mountainous Structure Special Committee, Branch of Seismic Control for Structures, Architectural Society of China (ASC)Landmark ProjectsSINCERE Chongqing Mansion, China Overseas Land and Investment Huanyu Tianxia, Country Garden Phoenix Hotel (Changshou, Chongqing), Chengdu Wenjiang Tianlai International Plaza, Wanzhou Yujiang International Hotel, Guiyang Longwan Hotel, Overseas Chinese Town Happy Valley Hotel, Longfor Lijia Project, Poly Tianhui Project, Finance Street Ciqikou Project, Jinke Jiuquhe Project, Chongqing Shui On Land B06 Project