Tao Chen

Chief Electrical Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Chief Electrical Engineer of Shanghai TIANHUA

Tao Chenstarted with TIANHUA in 2011 as the chief electrical engineer. He formerlyworked at ECADI as the deputy chief engineer, deputy director of the electricalcontrol room, and director of electromechanical projects. His experience insuper high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, office buildings, commercialbuildings, hotels, theaters, and exhibition centers is extensive. He hasabundant theoretical knowledge, a wealth of electromechanical design experience,and exceptional electromechanical coordination ability. His design projectshave won numerous awards at the national, ministerial and municipal levels.

Being thechief electrical engineer, his responsibilities include: managingelectromechanical technology and R&D, forming professional electricaltechnical measures, supervising the electrical talents and creating thecompany’s project management process, electromechanical operation managementand the electromechanical team.