Xianyue Huang

Vice Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Commercial Division I
Vice Director (Technology) of Shanghai TIANHUA Architectural Division IV

Xianyue Huang has 17 years of experience in architectural design and has extensive design experience in residential, office, and commercial complexes.

2003-2009     Shanghai United Design Group      Associate Design Director 

2009-Present     Shanghai TIANHUA     Vice Chief Architect and Vice Technical Director

Since joining TIANHUA in 2009 as the Technical Director, he has led his team with exceptional technical and management skills in the execution of numerous major landmark projects. He has received widespread recognition throughout the industry and marketplace. His experience in large-scale complexes and luxury housing projects is abundant. He has collaborated with internationally renowned architecture firms such as Lead8, GP, Benoy, Gensler, and SOM, establishing extensive and stable partnerships and achieving the perfect integration of technology and design concepts.