Yong Jing

Vice Chief Architect of Xiamen TIANHUA

Yong Jing has a keen eye for creative architectural design and is skilled at understanding clients’ needs. He carefully crafts creative architectural design works with commercial value for clients. His projects have been completed in various cities and received widespread recognition throughout the industry. What's more, he is committed to integrating academic refinement and logic into the management of construction projects. Market system analysis and stable management style can provide long-term guarantee for ongoing development. After nearly two decades of design practice and reflection, he gradually began to form his own understanding of design: Design changes but culture remains constant. Design technique and style can vary with national circumstances, economic development, and personal preference. But the essence of design will never change. Design should come from everyday life, and it should change and improve everyday life. Design is the optimization and innovation of living habits and patterns, thereby improving and leading a high-quality life.