Yong Jing

Vice Chief Architect of Xiamen TIANHUA
Director of Shenyang TIANHUA Architectural Division

Sharp-eyed and dedicated, Mr. Yong Jing focuses on creativity in architectural design and excels at capturing customer demands. He creative and commercially valuable architectural design works can always satisfy the needs of customers. He has completed many different types of projects in different cities and received high recognition from the industry. He is committed to integrating the meticulous and logical mindset into the management of architectural projects, and his deep insights into market mechanism and robust management style guarantee the long-term development. Through 15 years of design practice and reflections, he gradually gained his own understanding of design: Design constantly changes while humanity remains unchanged. The techniques and genres of design rapidly change along with changes in national conditions, economic development and personal preferences, while the nature of design will never change. Design should derive from life and must be able to improve and transform life. Design is meant to optimize and innovate on habits, customs and models to improve and lead high-quality life.Bachelor's Degree in Architecture, Chongqing Architectural UniversityPostgraduate Practice Tutor, Huaqiao University