Yong Ji

Director of Hefei TIANHUA Mechanical and Electrical Division

Yong Jipreviously worked at Anhui Provincial Architectural Design and ResearchInstitute Co., Ltd. and participated in designing various types of complexpublic buildings, such as commercial complexes, hotel buildings, convention andexhibition buildings, medical buildings, super high-rise buildings, sportsbuildings and theater buildings. With a solid theoretical foundation, extensiveelectrical design experience, and excellent electromechanical coordinationability, he leads a team that provides high quality professional services.  


华中科技大学 电气工程及其自动化学士





1 合肥新城吾悦广场

2 合肥万达广场

3 天鹅湖万达广场

4 安徽省建筑设计院总部大楼

5 安庆弘阳广场

6 合肥高第花园

7 安徽省立医院南区二期

8 合肥新四中规划及建筑设计

9 金科云湖春晓

10 世茂十里晴川