Jianping Li

Chairman of Kunming TIANHUA
General Manager of Chongqing TIANHUA

Jianping Li studied in the Department of CivilEngineering in the College of Civil Engineering and Architecture at ZhejiangUniversity. During his studies, he was the campus ambassador for China OverseasLand & Investment Ltd. After graduation, he joined China State ConstructionInternational Holdings Limited as a “Son of the Sea” management trainee and wasresponsible for government project BT, BOT business development, and primaryland development. Later on he joined the Longfor Chengdu under the"Longfor Official Trainee Program 2.0". He was responsible for themanagement of the Paradise Walk project, where he has accumulated experience inthe project full process management.

In 2013, he joined Chengdu TIANHUA as the GeneralManager Assistant and was responsible for marketing and operations. Later in2015, he transferred to Chongqing TIANHUA as the Deputy General Manager and wasresponsible for marketing and operations. A year later, he became the GeneralManager of Chongqing TIANHUA and became responsible for overall management.