Wei Li

Vice Chief Architect of Beijing TIANHUA

Wei Li hasover a decade of experience designing residential projects. She specializes inhigh-end residential LDI executive design and has collaborated with Robert A.M.Stern. Cuihu Tiandi No. 5 is her most representative project. Her earlyresidential projects won national, provincial and ministerial level designawards. In recent years, she has focused on the development of publicconstruction and LDI for commercial and medical and senior care projects. Shebelieves technical talents should not be limited to a single technicaldimension, but should have comprehensive coordination and program designabilities. This ensures a design can be better presented and executed, therebyplaying a leader role in the entire project; accumulating experience throughprojects at the same time can improve technical skill continuously. She isskilled at pre-project technical analysis, overall project coordination, andlife cycle design management.