Weixing Li

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Director of Science and Technology Development Committee of TIANHUA Group
Director of Building Industrialization Technology Center of TIANHUA Group
Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Shanghai TIANHUA

Weixing Li holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Civil Building, Master's and Doctor's Degree in Structural Engineering from Tongji University. He is a professor-level senior engineer, Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer, and Class 1 Registered Architect. 

Prior to joining TIANHUA in 2011 as deputy chief structural engineer, he was the deputy chief engineer at Tongji Architectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd. He has extensive engineering experience and profound expertise in pre-stressed and pre-cast concrete structures, super high-rise structures, and other technical fields. His rigorous academic research and professional skills demonstrate innovation.

He is also the director of the Science & Technology Committee and leads R&D within TIANHUA Group. He holds positions in multiple industry associations and universities, participates in the forming of industrial and local standards, acts as a technical reviewer, and teaches college students, all of which have been a great contribution to industry development.