Weixing Li

Chief Structural Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Chief Structural Engineer of Shanghai TIANHUA
Director of Building Industrialization Technology Center of TIANHUA Group

Mr. Weixing Li holds a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial and Civil Building, Master's and Doctor's Degree in Structural Engineering from Tongji University. He is a professor-level senior engineer, Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer, Class 1 construction engineer and a part-time professor in Tongji University.

Mr. Weixing Li joined TIANHUA in 2011 and has rich engineering experience and profound professional accumulation in the technical fields of prestressed concrete structures, prefabricated concrete structures, and super high-rise structures. He also possesses innovative awareness in his rigorous academic research ability and professional skills. He has won honorary titles such as "exemplary individual of prefabricatedbuilding in Shanghai", "One Hundred Outstanding Young structural engineer in Building Structure Industry", "20 Outstanding Private Survey and Design Craftsmen in Shanghai", and "Pudong Craftsman". His representative projects include Shanghai Qibao Vanke Center(prestressed concrete frame structure), Nanchang Xinli Center (SRC frame coretube super high-rise structure), Suzhou High tech Zone Cultural and Sports Center (large span steel truss structure), Shanghai China Resources Times Square renovation project (plate column shear wall structure), Shanghai GreenCity Investment Promotion Hong'anli Metro upper cover project (foundation vibration reduction frame structure), etc.

At present, Mr. Weixing Li, in addition to continuing to give full play to his professional expertise in structural engineering, also serves as the director of TIANHUA Group's Building Industrialization Technology Center, focusing on seven major directions,namely, prefabricated technology research and development, special design consulting, civil engineering decoration integration, building standardization,EPC&BIM, steel structure housing, integrated exterior envelope, vigorouslycarrying out scientific research projects, and promoting the research and development and innovative application of TIANHUA prefabricated building related technologies. At the same time, he also holds positions in industry associations and universities, participating in the preparation of multiple industry and local standards, serving as a technical review expert, and participating in student training in universities. He has made important contributions to the high-quality development of the construction structure industry.