Shuai Luo

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Chengdu TIANHUA
Vice Director (Technology) of Chengdu TIANHUA Structural Division

Shuai Luo graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Chongqing Architecture University and is a Class 1 Registered Structural Engineer. With 18 years of experience in structural design, he has provided professional design services for China Resources, China Merchants, Evergrande, Greenland, Dowell, Shui On, Beijing Capital, and other well-known developers in China. He can fully control design quality of the whole process from planning to construction drawing. His completed products include villas, multi-high-rise residential buildings, super high-rise office buildings, multi-level commercial streets and commercial complexes. He is skilled at selecting optimal structural plans, controlling economic factors, solving complex structural problems, and providing customers with safe, cost-effective and beautiful products.