Shuai Luo

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Chengdu TIANHUA

Shuai Luo graduated from the CivilEngineering Department of Chongqing Architecture University and is a Class 1Registered Structural Engineer. With 18 years of experience in structuraldesign, he has provided professional design services for China Resources, ChinaMerchants, Evergrande, Greenland, Dowell, Shui On, Beijing Capital, and otherwell-known developers in China. He can fully control design quality of thewhole process from planning to construction drawing. His completed productsinclude villas, multi-high-rise residential buildings, super high-rise officebuildings, multi-level commercial streets and commercial complexes. He isskilled at selecting optimal structural plans, controlling economic factors,solving complex structural problems, and providing customers with safe,cost-effective and beautiful products.