Yongli Tao

Marketing Operation Director of TIANHUA Group
Vice Director (Management) of Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Division II
Vice Director (Management) of Shanghai TIANHUA Architectural Division II-A

Yongli Taojoined TIANHUA in 2002 and worked in water supply and drainage design. In 2003,he was promoted to design management. Previously he served as general managerof Beijing TIANHUA, managing director of Shanghai TIANHUA, vice general managerof Shanghai TIANHUA Marketing, and marketing operation director of ShanghaiTIANHUA. His nickname is “Master Tao” and his career path was one with greatadversity. He resigned in 2019 and went into retreat. He was invited back toTIANHUA in the following year and currently serves as Marketing OperationsDirector of TIANHUA Group and Deputy Director (Management) of Shanghai TIANHUACommercial Division II and Division II-A. He is committed to a hands-onmanagement approach.