Rongmei Wang

Chief Water Supply and Drainage Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Chief Water Supply and Drainage Engineer of Shanghai TIANHUA

Rongmei Wangjoined TIANHUA in April 2011 and has served as chief engineer in water supplyand drainage since 2013. She was the deputy director engineer at the Instituteof Shanghai Architectural Design & Research Co., Ltd. from 1993 to 2011.She has gathered extensive design and construction consulting experience fromher time at a Class-A design institute, where she worked on a variety ofprojects such as super high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, officebuildings, commercial buildings, hotels, theaters, health care centers, andexhibition centers. Her depth of professional theoretical knowledge andexceptional design and coordination abilities for electromechanical systemshave won her many awards at the national, ministerial and municipal levels. Aschief engineer in water supply and drainage, she is responsible for thetechnology management of water supply and drainage, R&D, and team trainingand management. She is active in professional organizations and participates inthe drafting of national, regional and industrial standards and procedures.