Jungui Xiao

Vice Chief Architect of Wuhan TIANHUA
Director of Wuhan TIANHUA Architectural Division II

Mr. Jungui Xiao has years of rich experience in architecture and participated in multiple key projects. He is especially good at the design of city complexes, office buildings and high-end residences. His acute insight and great creativity allows him to attentively solve holistic problems in design. His works seek a high-level integration of architecture with art, cities and the environment and focus on dimension, details and completeness. He has won multiple industry awards for his works. After working in Shanghai for nearly 10 years, he relocated to Wuhan, a forefront city of design, where he believes that closer range will bring about higher efficiency in design.Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Architecture, Tongji UniversityClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRC