Wanglan Xie

Chief Structural Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Director of Sub Committee of Science and Technology Committee of TIANHUA Group
Chief Structural Engineer of Shanghai TIANHUA

Wanglan Xie is a professor-level senior engineer as well as Class 1 Registered StructuralEngineer with a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. On July 1983, he graduatedfrom Northeastern University with a degree in Mine Construction. He formerlyworked on structural design for industrial and civil architecture at ChangshaMetallurgical Design & Research Central Institute of MCC Group. He joinedTIANHUA in 2002 and is currently the chief structural engineer of TIANHUAGroup. He has abundant experience in structural design for industrial and civilengineering, especially in high-rise buildings, commercial complexes, assemblybuildings, and existing building reconstruction and reinforcement. His strengthlies in summarizing previous engineering experience and flexibly applyingrelevant design codes with precision, thus solving difficult engineeringproblems; He has a profound understanding of architecture, is attentive toclient needs, shoulders social responsibility, displays technical creativity,and creates value through quality designs. By maintaining multiple positionswith associations in the industry, he is actively involved in establishingindustrial and local standards and reviewing engineering designs.