Lingang Yan

Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Interior Design Division II

Lingang Yan has been in the design industry for nearly a decade and is adept at designing bars, clubs, offices, exhibition halls, etc. In his design, the quiet space is just like the tranquility of flowing water. The scale, material, light and shadow, and furnishings fit closely together, and everything is beautiful in silence; An occasion of restlessness is beauty that breaks through the clouds. Nightclubs, bars, KTVs, etc. have the carefree and easygoing spirit of the Garden of Eden. They become a feast of interweaving colors, lights, and lines, paying tribute to time in every overlap. 

Each kind of ease comes from each tiny accumulation. Constant thought and practice, and the imprint of being immersed in each step from design to construction, has strengthened him so that he can face any challenge with ease.