Hongan Zhao

Chief Structural Engineer of Northwest TIANHUA

Hongan Zhao has been in the business for almost three decades and has completed more than 200 design projects, including nearly 10 super high-rise buildings. His projects cover various fields such as offices, hotels, schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, cultural buildings, and residential buildings. Multiple Xi’an landmarks have also been finished.

At the same time, he has actively participated in forming the local standards in Shaanxi, such as "Shaanxi Province Standard for Assessment of Prefabricated Building", "Technical specification for monolithic precast superposed concrete structure", "Technical specification for seismic energy dissipation of buildings" and "Technical specification for seismic-isolation of building constructions".  

He has extensive experience on the foundation of collapsible loess and is skilled at handling difficult problems in complex site foundations. He has attended numerous foundation discussions as an expert.