Yong Zhao

Vice Chief Architect of Chongqing TIANHUA
Director of Chongqing TIANHUA Architectural Division II

Mr. Zhao once taught at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chongqing University. He boasts academic background in architectural theory with over a decade of architectural design experience drawn from various property development projects, covering urban design, school, city complex, high-end residence, community business facilities and renovation design on vintage architecture. Mr. Zhao has led his team to complete many high-end projects for the leading development enterprises in Chongqing, including prime lot works. Particularly, he is experienced in slope building design with high elevation discrepancy.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree and Master's Degree in Architecture, Chongqing UniversityIndustrial QualificationsClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRCRepresentative WorksChongqing Overseas Chinese Town Tianlan Beauty Villa, Chongqing Overseas Chinese Tianjiwan, Chongqing Jinke Tianyuandao, Chongqing Dongyuan Townhouse, Chongqing Jinke Jiuquhe, Chongqing Poly Tianhui, Chongqing Darongcheng Renovation, Chongqing University College Town Xie Street Commercial Overhaul, Chongqing Bashu Blue Lake County Primary School, Chongqing Liyuchi (literally carp pool) Primary School