Yunliang Zhao

Chairman of Shanghai Highpower Industrial Co. Ltd
Chairman of TIANHUA Group

Mr. Yunliang Zhao, Chairman of Shanghai Highpower Industrial Co. Ltd., was born in Dongyang, Zhejiang province in December 1962. In 1984, Mr. Zhao graduated from Tongji University, Shanghai with a Bachelor's Degree in Architectural Structure; the following year he studied abroad at the University of Southern California. After earning his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering in 1987, Mr. Zhao continued his doctoral study and was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering by the University of Southern California in May 1992.During his doctoral studies, Mr. Zhao founded Linktronics as Chairman in January 1989. In July 1993 he created Hong Kong Highpower Holdings Limited and acted as chairman. In November 1994, he set up Shanghai Tianli Commodity Concrete Co. Ltd. In March 1996, he worked as chairman of Raventon (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. In January 1997, he established Shanghai Tiancheng Commodity Concrete Co., Ltd. and was appointed chairman of the company. In January 1998, he set up BRAVO-TECH Inc. as chairman. In November 1999, he founded Shanghai Highpower Investment Co. Ltd. and was appointed as chairman.