Jinsong Zong

Vice Chief Architect of TIANHUA Group
Vice Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA

Ms. Jinsong Zong previously served as the principal architect of the Institute of Shanghai Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd. (ISA). She joined Tianhua in 2010. With over two decades of architectural design experience, she can deliver a wide range of works, and is noted for her expertise in large-scale and complicated public building design. Relying on her solid professional knowledge, well-known dedication and first-hand involvement in large-scale and key municipal projects, she has won various awards at national and municipal level, and is highly-rated as a contributor to urban development. In recent years, she has also gathered vast experience in general contracting management. Ms. Zong pursues a high quality of design and work from concept to project completion. Her team has delivered a series of design works that have had profound social influence.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Architecture, Shanghai Institute of Urban Construction (SIUC)Industrial QualificationsClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRCSenior EngineerSocial PositionsShanghai Construction Project Bid Evaluation ExpertShanghai Construction Project Drawing/Design Document Review ExpertScientific AchievementsStandards for Assessing the Energy Efficiency of Existing Civil Buildings (currently at the assessment phase)Landmark ProjectsShanghai LaLaport Commercial Office Project, Financial Street Zhabei Railway Station North Square Project, Gemdale Changshou Road Project, Hongkou Xintiandi Hall of the Moon project on Plot 3 of Rui Hong Xin Cheng, Shanghai Yangpu Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) Plot 311 (Phase II), Kunshan Xiangyu China Garden Project, Greenland Xinghong Commercial and Office Project, Huaihai Road Pacific Department Store Renovation Project, KIC Technology Center, Wuxi Grand Theatre, Shanghai Chenshan Botanical Garden, Relocation of Children's Hospital of Fudan University, Zhejiang Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center