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The 2022 Asian Games will be held inHangzhou, China, the main venue in Hangzhou, while the sub-venue in the Qiandao lake. To seize thisopportunity, around the Qiandao Lake Asian Games venue, there will be a seriesof supporting facilities construction . Among them, Jinshanping Village near theAsian Games venue will also witness arestoration. After thereconstruction, it will be endowed with commercial and leisure functions andbecome a characteristic village integrating catering, home stay, cultural and creative idustrial  as well as art exhibition.


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The construction of traditional villagesshould, first of all, be deliberated on the physical level, restored andprotected, returned and expanded, reshaped the traditional settlement morphology, and constructed the rural

features and characteristics. Second, exploration should be conducted on the spiritual level, think and supplement, continue and inherit, andtease out the new rural context.


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Village Texture

The original village texture contains richtraces of life, which is a natural achievement beyond the architects. Thus we restored "new village" by conforming to such a natural texture, while only make some minor adjustments according to theexisting norms and requirements of the owners, so as to achieve the goal of"taking nature as the basis, restoring the traces of the village", and reconstruct a village layout without architects to make it more natural.

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Original country road isnaturally formed in the residents' everyday life, such a path is a kind of existence before thehouse, is the most appropriate natural design. When we are in the process of reconstruction,  the original village road is set asreference to in accordancewith, in themeantime, we optimizd and integrated it to formed a centerbackbone, each nodes of core spaces in thesubsequent design, are expandedfrom this path.

After theoverall reconstruction of the village, the main function of the village is to supporttourism based on rural experience. We must take into account the organizationand distribution of people and the spatial experience of people in the alley. Therefore, weadjusted the originalexcessive zigzag and narrowspace, and expand some space to serve as the node for people to gather anddisperse.

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We follow the skyline of the original villageand integrate it to form the profile of our elevation. After analyzing the common facade form of  theexisting village, although itwas ordinary Jiangnan architecture style, but aesthetic was etched on wihite walls and black tiles by years, so in terms of the overall facade style, we choose the white textured coating,  partly collocate the wood grain steel plate for ornament, and keep the roofing of Chinese style tile as before,although these a prosaic gesture, but we know that, over time, the rough texture of white wall willbecome mottled and grainy, traditional tiles will grow moss, wood grain steel will darken oxide, which then gradually return to facade feature of the original village. 

In addition, since the function of thevillage is updated from the original residential property to the publicproperty, and the small windows in the original facade cannot meet therequirements of lighting and commercial management, therefore we preferd the modern larger windows, and at the same time reduced the division of frame, so that the appearance is cleaner and the indoorvision is broader.

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更新后村落为一个旅游配套商业社区,功能丰富业态多样,如前文所诉,我们遵照原村落建筑肌理进行单体设计,无论平面外轮廓还是空间进退关系,都遵照原村。内部功能则是在与业主充分沟通后的基础上细心调理,既满足各种经营的要求,又让内部空间灵活丰富,还满足当地政府部门各个规定。 另外一方面,从建筑学上的意义讲,乡村实践可以避开工业化建设的一些手段,回归建构,是对传统构造与材料的一次学习,是对民间建造手法的一次思考和运用。


After the renovation, the village is atourism supporting business community with rich functions in diversified formats. As mentioned above, we design individual architecture in accordance with the original villagetexture, which conforms to the original village in terms of both the planeoutline and the spatial relationship. The internal function is carefullyadjusted on the basis of full communication with the owner, which not onlymeets the requirements of various operations, but also allows the internalspace to be flexible and diverse, and also meets the regulations of localgovernment departments. On the other hand, in the architectonic sense, rural practice can avoid some means ofindustrial construction and return to tectonic, which is astudy of traditional structures and materials and a reflection and applicationof indigenous construction methods.


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村落入口文创展厅 The Cultural and Creative Exhibition hall at the village entrance


We adopted a special strategy: to retain the wooden structure of the house as a whole, we set up the exteriorbuilding envelope  with glass rib curtain wall. The wooden structure thus becomes ahuge permanent exhibit. The frameless glass curtain wall is its outer shell,and the delicate architectural timber structure inside is clearly visible.Meanwhile, the outer contour of the glass curtain wall maintains the originalarchitectural form and retains the gable form of the village entrance. We hope it can arouse people's imagination and memoryand become the most symbolic highlight of the new village.


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做旧墙体  Antique Finish Wall




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In the village, there arethree individuals we conducted the"original technology" reconstruction, to achieve the goal of "Keep the appearance, change its core", the adornment of the bar, exposed aggregate base , hexagon bottle form window, the calligraphy on the head of door, have been retained, while its internal adopts new concrete structureto replace the original wooden one, ensure thesolid and security of building. The three buildings thatretain the facade will be used as artist studios to inherit more local atmosphere.


艺术中心 Art Center




A sculpture art display space  is one among the desired functions of the client, which notonly has the interior space of the building, but also has an outdoor site tomeet the multi-dimensional display requirements. As we were unwilling to breakthrough the outline of the original village in the overall form of thebuilding, we made great efforts in the material by utilizing the dry hanging concrete slab to reflect theeffect of "chiseling the stone". In order to achieve the naturaltexture, we used artificial chiseling on the concrete slab for the second processing, which achieved remarkable results. In thevillages with white walls and grey tiles, such a carved concrete image willestablish its unique identity, break the plain of the architectural style ofthe villages, improve the identification, and enrich the experience of tourists.


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建筑设计:上海天华建筑设计有限公司 建筑二所