Jieping Chen

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of Xiamen TIANHUA
Vice Director of Xiamen TIANHUA Construction Drawing Comprehensive Division I

Withtwo decades of engineering design practice, Jieping Chen is familiar with thevarious specification atlases for structural professions and has extensiveexperience in organization design, cost control, communication and coordination,and on-site processing. He can comprehensively and swiftly control the qualityof project drawings. He independently undertook multiple complex projects suchas Wanda, Jiangyu and Seazen. Additionally he also executed numerous majorlarge-scale real estate developer projects and has extensive design experiencefor various projects such as commercial real estate, hotels, office buildings,hospitals, schools, large-scale residences, and villas. He has exceptionalcomprehensive analysis and processing skills for complex structures andfoundations such as earthquake-resistant over-limit buildings, ultra-longstructures, ultra-large span structures, and steel structures.