Lei Chen

Vice General Manager of TIANHUA Group
General Manager of Beijing TIANHUA
Chairman of Tianjin TIANHUA
Chairman of Guangzhou TIANHUA

In 1997, Mr. Chen joined Shanghai Tianhua in its founding days as a newcomer to the industry with great expectations. He has since grown in tandem with Tianhua with great dedication and efforts. Over the past two decades, he has designed many well-known works that bear the name of Tianhua, assumed the management responsibility for a handful of super-sized projects, and built a few excellent teams…. In his own words, "the development of Tianhua from initial founding to later expansion has provided me with a stage on which I could experiment and embrace multiple skillsets, helping me grow into an outstanding interdisciplinary leader."The Biyun Garden in 1998, The Dragon Occupies City in 2000, Biyun International Community Xiao Garden in 2004, Vanke Park Residence in 2009, Financial Street Nankai Center in 2012, et. are the witnesses for his progress in the design field. The acquisition of Shenzhen Tianhua design team in 2002, founding and development of the 1st Research Institute of Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design in 2004, founding of Beijing Tianhua Architectural Design in 2010, founding of Tianjin Tianhua Architectural Design in 2014, etc. demonstrate his continuous exploration in team building and enterprise management.With the expansion of the company, innovating and developing new businesses has been an urgent need. Chen once again embarked on a new journey to steer Tianhua into the elderly care sector, thus helping address the social challenges in an aging society of China from the aspects of consulting, design and operation management.Educational BackgroundDepartment of Architecture, Tongji UniversityAdvanced Management Program (AMP), China Europe International Business SchoolResearch FieldEnterprise management/Business innovationRepresentative WorksBiyun Garden, The Dragon Occupies City, Xinhu Mingzhucheng (Pearl City), Lujiazui 96 Plaza, Vanke Park Residence, Ruihong Xincheng The View, Financial Street Nankai Center, China Merchants The Pearl of the Crown, Taikang Community Yan Garden