Lei Chen

Vice General Manager of TIANHUA Group
General Manager of Beijing TIANHUA
Chairman of Guangzhou TIANHUA

Lei Chen hasbeen with TIANHUA since its founding days in 1997. Over the past two decades,he has designed many of TIANHUA’s well-known works, managed a number of majorprojects, and organized exceptional teams to help Shanghai TIANHUA develop intoone of China’s most well-known architectural design firms.

Biyun Gardenin 1998, Huilong New Town in 2000, Biyun Xiao Garden in 2004, Vanke Bai Cuiyuanin 2009 and Financial Street Nankai Center in 2012 are all examples of his innovativework. He acquired the Shenzhen TIANHUA design team in 2002, established andexpanded Shanghai TIANHUA Commercial Division I in 2004, founded BeijingTIANHUA in 2010, established Tianjin TIANHUA in 2014 and created GuangzhouTIANHUA in 2019.

With thegrowth of TIANHUA in recent years, he embarked on a new journey and foundedTIANHUA Medical and Senior Care Research Center. He established long-termpartnerships with mainstream developers such as Taikang, Vanke, ChinaResources, Poly and Greenland. Projects he completed helped set industrystandards, for example Taikang Community Yan Garden, Chu Garden, Tianjin VankeYiyuan Service Centre for the Elderly, Chongqing Longfor Xinyicheng and BeijingChina Resources Beiqijia.