Yuxin Fu

Vice Chief Structural Engineer of TIANHUA Group
Vice Director of TIANHUA Building Industrialization Center

Mr. Yuxin Fu graduated from Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology. He joined Tianhua in 2000, and served in succession as the structure team leader, technical director of the Institute of Tianhua Structures, and deputy chief structural engineer of Wuhan Tianhua Architecture, before being promoted to the current post in 2014. Since the beginning of his career, he has been engaged in structural design. In his pursuit of innovation, he strives to learn new technologies and processes while actively participating in the compiling of national and regional architectural standards. He has gathered rich practical experience in structural design and assembled buildings. Mr. Fu is committed to providing professional services for clients with fine and cost-effective designs that adopt advanced technologies.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree, Xi'an University of Architecture and TechnologyIndustrial QualificationsSenior EngineerClass 1 Registered Structural Engineer of the PRCScientific Achievements1. Co-Editor, Structure for Prefabricated Assembled Concrete Structure Joints (Shear Wall) (15G310-2)2. Co-Editor, Prefabricated Concrete Standard Component Atlas (DBJT 08-121-2016)3. Co-Editor, Compilation of Shanghai Architectural Industrialization Practice Cases Landmark ProjectsJinqiao S4 Apartment, Shanghai Huilong New Town, Shanghai Modern Universe Business Plaza, Shanghai Xinhu Mingzhucheng, Quzhou College of Technology, Sleepless Town Plot 406, Songjiang Jiuting Baolong Project (assembled building), Qiantan Plot 46 (assembled building), CSCEC No.20 Building (assembed building), CR Huafa Jingan Mansion (assembled building)