Bin Ge

Executive Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Chief Architect of Shenyang TIANHUA
Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Division IV

Bin Ge has an architecture degree from Tongji University and has been focused on architectural design for a decade. His areas of expertise are luxury residential areas and comprehensive residential areas. He has a deep understanding of shaping architectural space. His projects aim to combine innovative concepts with architectural detail. Some of his completed design projects include Shanghai Vanke Emerald Riverside II, Shimao Yuntu, Biyun Zundi, Pufa Jianyun, Hangzhou Rongxin Residence, Hengyuan West Bank I, and Qingpu Pinzhen Yuan. He has won the REARD Real Estate Design Grand Prize, Shanghai Excellent Residential Engineering Design First Prize and Best Residential Property China of the International Property Awards.