Peng Guan

Vice General Manager of Beijing TIANHUA

Before joining Tianhua, Mr. Peng Guan served as the chief engineer, design project leader, project manager and director at the Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, and at Beijing Sunlay Architectural Design. He has been in the architectural design field for over two decades, and has a wealth of technical experience in design projects. He is now the deputy chief architect of Beijing Tianhua Architecture.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Architecture, Xi'an University of Architecture and TechnologyIndustrial QualificationsClass 1 Registered Architect of the PRCSenior EngineerLandmark ProjectsPoly Xinyuan Residential Community, Huideyuan Residential Community, Ruijing Garden Residential Community, Suzhou Dongfang Steel Structure Production Base, China Pacific Property Insurance No.A6 Commercial Building, ANSTEEL International Tower, Tianjin Finance Street Heping Center, Xiamen Yunxi, Sichuan CRUN Co., Ltd Headquarters Building, Beijing Magic Color City Complex, Shangdong Building, Finance Street Tongzhou Business Park, Tianjin Jinnan District Xinzhuang Town