Yongli Guan

Vice Chief HVAC Engineer of Shenzhen TIANHUA

After 17 years in the industry, Yongli Guan has adhered to the professional HVAC characteristic of “taking measures suitable to local conditions” and the “customer-oriented” design philosophy. He has been focused on the HVAC profession of civil buildings and is dedicated to finding the breakthrough and balance between “comfort,” “advancement,” and “energy conservation” for HVAC systems in various projects. Over the years, he has completed more than a hundred projects in areas including commerce, culture and tourism, accommodation and elderly care. He has a profound understanding of HVAC system planning, mandatory plan illustration, and system design. His expertise is in the HVAC system design of large public buildings, commercial complexes and ultra-high-rise buildings. With his exceptional management and coordination abilities and profound understanding of water supply and drainage and electrical engineering, he has made breakthroughs in his field of expertise and served as the electromechanical design manager for a number of various large-scale public buildings. His projects have won more than 20 awards, such as the Annual Excellent Engineering Selection of China Engineering & Consulting Association,  Annual Excellent Engineering Selection of China Textile Exploration & Design Association, the Excellent Engineering Selection of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources, the Great Wall Cup and the Elite Award.