Yongli Guan

Vice Chief HVAC Engineer of Shenzhen TIANHUA

During his 16 years of career, Mr. Yongli Guan has followed the "customer-centric" design concept to suit the "local-specific" characteristic of the HVAC specialty, specialized in the HVAC design of civil buildings and is committed to achieve a balance among confortability, stability and energy conservation of different types of HVAC systems. Over the years, he has completed over 100 projects covering wide varieties including commercial, cultural and travel, residential and aged care facilities and is especially good at HVAC system design of large public buildings, commercial complexes, and super high-rise buildings. In recent years, due to his excellent management and coordination capability and understanding about the drainage and electrical discipline, he went beyond his own field to work as the electomechanical design manager of large public buildings such as "Lenovo Group Headquarters Phase II". The projects he completed have received over 20 awards, including the Excellent Annual Project from by China Engineering and Consulting Association, Excellent Annual Project from China Textile Expecting and Design Association, Excellent Project from Beijing Municipal Commission of Urban Planning, Great Wall Cup and Jingrui Award.Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Engineering, Harbin Institute of TechnologyIndustry QualificationsSenior Engineer certified by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction of PRCSocial PositionsExpert with Shenzhen Municipal Construction Engineering Expert Database