Bing Han

Vice Chief Architect of TIANHUA Group
Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Chief Architect of Wuhan TIANHUA
Chairman of Xiamen TIANHUA
Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Han Bing Office

Mr. Bing Han received his bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctor's degree from Tongji University. He joined TIANHUA after his doctorate in 2008. He has accumulated rich design experience and practical results in urban renewal, high-end residential, community business and other fields, and has a keen and comprehensive insight into architectural detail control and architectural completion. He has won honorary titles such as "Shanghai Excellent Young Engineering Survey Designer". His representative works include Shanghai Jiali Jinling Road Urban Renewal, Shanghai Ruian Panlong World, Shanghai Biyun International Community Biyun Mansion, Shanghai Fuxin Li (urban renewal of the former site of Shanghai Rong's Fuxin Flour Factory), Shanghai Vanke Jade Riverside, Shanghai Pufa One Riverside, China Resources Wuhan 24 Cities, Ruian Wuhan Changjiang World, Zhonghai Beijing Que Tai, Wuhan Ocean Oriental Landscape, etc.

As the head of TIANHUA Residential Research Center, Mr. Bing Han has been paying attention to the development trend of human settlements for a long time, and constantly studying in the field of high-end residential products to form differentiated competitiveness. In the context of urban renewal, Mr. Bing Han has been exploring new living patterns for a long time, advocating the concept of urban community, and making architectural responses to the cultural background from the perspective of geography. He is good at paying attention to the living space, function, form and experience itself under complex conditions, and striving for continuous innovation in spatial pattern, product pattern and facade form.

While having a global vision, Mr. Bing Han puts more emphasis on diversity and regionalism. He hopes to create a dynamic, distinctive and sustainable space for the public through future-oriented and local tailored design, so as to carry and promote a new way of life.