Xiangming Huang

Board Member and Chief Architect of TIANHUA Group
Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Chief Architect of Creative Research Center of TIANHUA Group

Before Xiangming Huang joined TIANHUA Group asdirector and chief architect, he worked in a number of design firms from homeand abroad such as the Architectural Design and Research Institute of TongjiUniversity, John Portman & Associates, and Groep Planning, designingnumerous influential and outstanding construction projects.

More than 30 years of experience in architecturaldesign has bestowed him with profound understanding and keen insight on citiesand architecture. His fields of expertise are urban development and renewal,cultural architecture, residential architecture, office and commercialdevelopment, and comprehensive development. His extensive experiences studyingabroad and collaborating with international teams have given him acomprehensive understanding of Chinese and Western design philosophies. He approachesdesign with an international perspective.

As one of TIANHUA's core founding members, herepresents the highest standard for Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Planning& Engineering Ltd. He has long been dedicated to turning TIANHUA into amodel private design firm in China in promoting industrial development,focusing on scientific research innovation and frontier research, inspiringlifestyles and facilitating urban development. As a result, THDL (TIANHUADesign Lab) was created to cultivate young architectural talents. He has alwaysfollowed brand philosophy for “the perfect integration of creativity andtechnology” and is fully recognized by the architecture industry and market.Multiple renowned real estate developers worldwide have listed him as a long-termstrategic partner to deliver more values to the society.