Xing Le

General Manager of Shanghai Highpower Industrial Co. Ltd
Vice Chairman of TIANHUA Group
Chairman of Shanghai Highpower Investment & Management Co. Ltd

Xing Le was the former Associate Dean of theArchitectural Design and Research Institute of Tongji University and GeneralManager of Shanghai TIANHUA Architecture Planning & Engineering Ltd. He iscurrently the General Manager of Shanghai Highpower Industrial Co., Ltd.

In 1978, he began his undergraduate studies inarchitecture at Tongji University. He graduated and joined the ArchitecturalDesign and Research Institute of Tongji University in 1982. In 1985, he startedhis postgraduate studies at College of Architecture and Urban Planning, TongjiUniversity, and Professor Jizhong Feng was his mentor. After completing hisgraduate studies in 1988, he stayed on in a teaching position in TongjiUniversity. He was appointed Associate Dean of the Architectural Design andResearch Institute of Tongji University in 1992. Later on in 1996 he resignedfrom Tongji University and joined Shanghai Highpower Industrial Co., Ltd.

He established and served as the first General Managerfor the following companies: TIANHUA Architecture Planning & EngineeringLtd., Tianyi Construction Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., TianchuangArchitectural Trading Co., Ltd., and Highpower lnvestment & Management Co.,Ltd. Companies he founded and acted as the first Chairman include: TIANHUAAdvertising Communication Co., Ltd., DI Design New Tide Magazine, Shanghai TixMedia Co., Ltd., and Highpower OCT Investment & Development Co., Ltd. Scopeof services include the manufacture and trade of construction products,architectural engineering, architectural design and consulting, real estatedevelopment, and media and culture. Highpower Industrial has attractedthousands of technicians and executives in the last two decades. As a nationalenterprise, it offers unique vertical integration services of the architectureindustry chain.