Chang Liu

Chief Structural Engineer of Shenzhen TIANHUA

Chang Liu has accumulated rich practical experience in super high-rises, complexes and complicated steel structures and has in-depth and systematic research into elastoplastic and finite element analysis of structures. With an emphasis on designers' service awareness and technical innovation, he aims to serve projects owners with design to deliver on the design philosophy of owners and architects with secure structure while balancing technical rationality and cost optimization to create the maximum economic value for owners. As the director of structure, he has completed the design of several ultra-high and ultra-limit and diverse types of projects including the 340 meter-high One Shenzhen Bay, the Unicenter (with a covered area of 880,000 m2) and the China Resources Runfu Residence (with an aspect ratio of over 10).Educational BackgroundBachelor's Degree in Engineering, Central South UniversityDoctor's Degree in Engineering, Hunan UniversityIndustry QualificationsSenior Engineer