Jingwei Su

Chief Architect of Zhengzhou TIANHUA
Vice Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Architectural Division II-A

Jingwei Su joined TIANHUA in 2003 and is theDirector of Shanghai TIANHUA Commercial Division II-A. She holds a Master'sDegree in Architecture from Hefei University of Technology. With nearly twodecades of design experience, she has participated in a variety of projectsincluding urban design, urban renewal, office buildings, vacation and culturaltourism, and commercial real estate. Multiple projects have received awards.

Afteraccumulating extensive design experience, a design team with abundant practicalexperience was formed. They are committed to pursuing exceptional design andtechnical skills and providing customers with efficient, high-quality designservices. We are passionate about architectural design and strive to create ahealthy and sustainable team atmosphere. We are dedicated to achieving win-winoutcomes with our clients.