Xin Wu

Vice Chief Architect of TIANHUA Group
Executive Chief Architect of Shanghai TIANHUA
Executive Chief Architect of Creative Research Center of TIANHUA Group
Chief Architect of Qingdao TIANHUA
Director of TIANHUA Group Academic Committee

Design is aserious and long-term commitment. It requires both innovative ideas andcomprehensive technology. Therefore, architectural design must integrate thematerial and spiritual needs of people now and give sufficient respect to thecultural and natural conditions of our time. Exceptional design and successfulexecution are the core of my work. Architecture should come from theintegration of all elements, including the structure that supports it; Thesurface that covers it; The functions it contains; The impact it has onecosystems; The relationship it has with urban spaces; The way to access andperceive it; And as a location how it enhances the collective will and mind ofsociety.

Xin Wustarted with TIANHUA in 2010. He is vice chief architect of TIANHUA Group andexecutive chief architect of Shanghai TIANHUA. His design focuses are inresidences, offices, cultural buildings and urban renewal. The residentialfield advocates community experience and high-quality residential buildings.Representative works include Knowledge & Innovation Community, Ruihong NewTown and Greenland Haipo Huangpu Project. Representative works for commercialoffice buildings include the Knowledge & Innovation Community, Yangpu GermanCenter, Qingdao Xiexin World Financial Center, and Xintiandi Hall of the Moon.Representative cultural projects include Suzhou Folk Music Concert Hall,China's first professional folk concert hall, and Shanghai Qiantan PerformanceCenter in collaboration with jerd. In addition to design work, he is alsoresponsible for the academic committee of the entire company. He has led thecompany's urban renewal project and participated in "ShanghaiRegeneration, Five Paradigms", published by TIANHUA and HarvardUniversity. He is active in the field of renewal and transformation and wasresponsible for the following renovation projects: Shanghai Changning Maternity& Infant Health Hospital, Nanjing Road New World Plaza, and Huaihai RoadRuian Department Store.