Yuan Yan

General Manager Assistant of Xi'an TIANHUA

Yuan Yangraduated from Hefei University of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in CivilEngineering. Afterwards he began his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineeringat the University of Manchester. Steel structural design is his main focus. Hewas an honors student and graduated top of his department.

Prior tojoining TIANHUA, he worked as a structural engineer in the Arcplus Group PLCNorthwest Regional Center. He was involved in the structural design ofwell-known projects such as Vanke Jade Guobin and Vanke City Lights.

In terms ofmarket operations, he is skilled at using data analysis to quantitativelyanalyze the team and the company's operating status. A visual analysis tool wasestablished through improving the operating data system to assist managers inmaking more timely and accurate decisions.