Yucheng Yao

Vice Chief Architect of Wuhan TIANHUA

Yucheng Yaograduated from university in 1995 and has been committed to architecturaldesign work in design institutes. During the 19 years working at CSADI, she hasmanaged and participated in various project designs, including generalhospitals, government offices, commercial buildings, hotels, residences andlandscape architecture in tourist attractions. She has won two national awards,one provincial award, and five academy level awards. She joined Wuhan TIANHUAin 2015 and is dedicated to the whole-process project of major real estatedevelopers. With her leadership, her team has completed more than 20high-quality community designs, and accumulated extensive experience in superhigh-rise residences and Western-style houses; Educational buildings such asprimary and secondary schools and kindergartens; She has extensive designexperience in apartments, commercial blocks, small and medium-sized malls.Received widespread praise and recognition from clients.