Rudan Ye

Vice Chief Architect of TIANHUA Group
AICO Founding Principal
Director of Shanghai TIANHUA Comercial Division I

As a Beijing native, Rudan completed his graduate study andbegan his career in the United States, before moving back to Shanghai. Thisexperience gave him a unique global and cross-culture perspective.

Rudan always approaches design from the urban scale, seeking ways to extendarchitecture into urban design. By addressing critical factors of culture,identity, diversity, transit, and sustainability, his creative design solutionsgenerate positive impacts for the community and enrich daily experiences forthe common people.

Recently, he leads team on multiple high-profile urban mixed-use projects, pushingthe boundary of design and transform trend-setting imagination into inspiringreality.

Rudan loves travelling, exploring new cities and different cultures. He is alsoa frequent speaker on place making and serves as a visiting critic at several toparchitecture schools.